Student Testimonials

"I used Kyo Standard for the ACT (36)! So when it came time to prepare for the MCATs, I called Kyo Standard. Their MCAT program was different. They went through the subjects by teaching me the content, showing me how to work through the passages and gave me homework to make sure I understood. The student manager checked in periodically to make sure I was doing well. I was so happy I went with Kyo Standard. The program was long, but they made sure I stayed on track."

    I didn’t think I would need MCAT prep, but after my scores plateaued, I needed help. I called Kyo Standard because I used them for college. They helped me break the slump. I ended up getting a 519!

      At Kyo Standard, we’re trying to set a new standard when it comes to MCAT prep. We believe that every student is unique; that’s why our program is designed from the ground-up, with you in mind. 

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